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Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Choices, But Can You Really Wear Them?

So I always thought it was pretty depressing how mens clothing options are so limited and always wished men would take a stand and wear something more interesting than the average t-shirt and jeans. Women seem to have all sorts of options to wear...until now. It looks like there are some new silhouettes for men from the latest runway shows of Spring 2011. Some of the below seem wearable and some seem to be stretching it a bit. What do you think guys? Would you wear the below?

This little jumper is from Alexis Mabille's show. It's so cute I would want to wear it, but it might be a little too cute for a guy.

This first look is kind of an unusual tank top / vest hybrid from Ann Demeulemeester's  collection. The second look also from Ann Demeulemeester's collection is kind of odd. It reminds me of a straight jacket/ apron. I am not so sure about that one.

This is from Dior Homme's collection. It's like a vest and a low v neck shirt in one. It's pretty cool. I love when designers take something so simple and make it look so smart!

I know some designers like to throw a kilt in the mix, but this look from Givenchy seems a little off.

Oh boy. Leggings now for men? Please don't make the mistake of wearing a shirt that is too short! This look is from Emporio Armani. To see leggings show up on the runway makes me really nervous.

This looks like a new option for swimwear, but I am at a loss of words. I just think guys might be too lazy to make the switch from swim trunks to monokinis? This look is from Emporio Armani.

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